Job hunting?

Job hunting?

Job hunting?

Five hottest tech jobs for freshers

1. QA Analyst/Tester
In fields such as software quality assurance, analysts or testers hash out and implement testing plans, create test cases and test scripts and eventually document their findings.

2. SEO Executive
Tasked with improving website visibility and authority by conducting on and off-page optimisation, including link-building, these hawks monitor website performance. They use SEO tools and analytics platforms (such as Google Analytics) to track key metrics, thereby identifying areas of improvement.

3. Full-Stack Developer
A jack-of-all developer or engineer who can build both the front (elements of a website a user sees and interacts with) and backend (the unseen data storage and processing) of a website.

4. UI/UX Developer
As a user interface and user experience developer, you are tasked with driving a positive and cohesive user experience by applying interactive and visual design principles on websites and web applications.

5. Data Engineers
If making data accessible to organisations for their evaluation and optimisation of their performance gets you going, then you might be the most sought-after fresher in the tech landscape in India.

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