IndStack mainly uses WordPress as an open-source CMS that was the most popular content management systems on the internet.

The open source software is a type of software whose source code is available to the public. It can be modified and redistributed free of charge. Open-source software is usually developed in a collaborative way.

There are many types of open-source software that are used by different people for different purposes. The most popular types are Linux, Apache, MySQL and WordPress.

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems out there. It is a great tool for managing and creating websites and blogs. WordPress makes it easy to create, update, and maintain your site.

It has a variety of themes that you can use to customize your website’s appearance. It also has plugins that allow you to add new features to your site or use more advanced features like eCommerce or membership sites.

The WordPress CMS provides many features and functions that make it easy for users to design their own website. The CMS includes templates and themes, which allow users to choose from a variety of designs and layouts for their site. WordPress also has many plugins that allow users to add functionality or interactivity to their site.

Themes are pre-designed templates with layouts, color schemes, logos and graphics that can be applied to any WordPress website without having to start from scratch. They are primarily designed for aesthetics, but they can also provide other functionalities such as menus or sliders when customized with plugins.

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